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Chandler Ross, L-MSW, MSSW


I help people connect with their feelings and needs. I blend family therapy and systems work to help you understand where you come from and the roles you may have had to play. I believe in the power of knowing one’s story. We are connected to great characters in books and through screens. Our favorite characters we love; willingly accepting their flaws and humanity. Yet most of us don’t have information about what makes us who we are and what events have contributed to our own character. I want to help you understand the ways in which your story was written and come to love yourself.
I believe in structure and framework for therapeutic work, creating a safe and solid container for you to pour yourself into. I am passionate about gardening and I tend to the Rivertree office garden year around because it reminds me that great things take a little time to grow.

Prior to Rivertree I worked for three non profits that helped shape how I am with clients. At Cumberland Heights I learned how to be with people in anguish and crisis. At Big Brothers Big Sister of TN I learned the great resiliency afforded to families who are motivated to change and at the Oasis Center I took away the power of being known.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Self Worth Issues
Sexual Abuse


MSSW Social Work, UT

Training & Certifications

Licensed Master Social Worker, LSW0000012064
Treatment of Trauma Certificate

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The Basics

Born and raised in Nashville, TN with a 12 year detour from ages 19 to 31 in Phoenix, AZ.

One part Scottish Terrier and one Part Chihuahua equals whole dog named Ari.

Wholehearted, Genuine, Determined, Meek and Funny.

About Your Practice

I found my way into this profession through suffering with addiction. Addiction bound my life, recovery restored my freedom. Over the years my most meaningful times during my week were those that were centered around other recovering people. I found it to be sacred space to walk with others on their 12-step journey. After a motorcycle wreck I woke up to the idea that I need to seek the life that was calling me so awkwardly walked into the unknown. I have tried many name tags in the people helping profession but for today I feel at home with RiverTree and their mission.

Anthony DeMello, George Lucas (Star Wars saved me in middle school), Mary Doria Russell, Mike O’Neill, Patrick Rothfuss, Dan Allender, Anne Lamott, Bill Wilson, Caleb Campbell and quite a few men who out of respect I can’t share their last names Jason, David, Geoffrey, Scott, McLaren, Kyle, James and Morris.

I’m drawn to the mystery of God. The finite attempting to interpret the infinite. I’m drawn to the imagery of a loving God patiently waiting for us. Perfectly content to sit and wait while we work out our stories. I’m always curious to see the people that God arranges in my life to talk through.


My phone’s ability to tell me what song I’m hearing is one of my favorite uses of first world technology. I like music that tells a story and I LOVE music that lets me feel the story. Lately out of respect for my native land I’ve been working my way through country classics. I go to music to feel so I keep it pretty broad but I think there might be a perfect song for every moment and maybe that’s what happens in heaven.

Anything that Vince Gilligan, David Simon or David Fincher touch I’m watching.

I can’t rank my top three I feel it would be like asking a parent to pick their favorite child, but my current top three is The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russel, Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and Awareness by DeMello.

I love to hike and while not specifically a sport I like going to the junkyard and pulling parts. Not a huge sports guy but like throwing Frisbee.

I can’t fight it. I’m from Nashville so I’m drawn to the Gulf, specifically Orange Beach, AL.

Just For Fun

Jiffy Lube as a grease monkey. Although my desire was to be in the oil pit, my interpersonal skills had me talking to the people and educating them on all of Jiffy Lube’s wonderful other services.

A long time friend slowly over the course of twenty years became a talented craftsman. One day he made me a knife. I mainly use it to open letters and stare at but it’s probably my favorite non sentient thing.

Nacho Buffet bar with carne asada beef. Everything chopped fresh, everyone prepares their plate exactly like they like it, broil and then eat. Magnificent.

Love to work on my car or any car, every year I grow a variety of hybrid peppers and make hot sauce out of them, enjoy building, gardening (tend the Brentwood garden), Hiking, Writing and electronics.

Small southern town with a decent infrastructure and local business. House on 5 acres about 2-3 miles from main street. I would have a gentleman’s farm with well water and solar power. Go full Wendell Berry.

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