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Kellie Sweeney


Kellie began her own recovery journey later in life when the rug had been pulled out from under her and her life was instantly in shambles. Secrets of trauma that had been kept under a facade of perfectionism for a lifetime were suddenly revealed and she had no choice but to face them. Kellie worked very hard to recover the story of her childhood and a painful marriage while developing a passion to walk in relationships and support of others as they told their stories. Kellie is passionate about helping wounded individuals find their voice, and to move from “just surviving” to living fully.

Since doing her own recovery work and throughout her training to be a professional counselor, Kellie has been working with individuals as a peer mentor and leader at S-Anon, CODA, RCA, and EDA, as well as women’s trauma groups and pain management groups. Kellie is in the process of completing her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Therapy and pursuing licensure in the state of Tennessee as an LPC. She is also pursuing certification in Level 1 & 2 EMDR therapy.

Kellie has been married for 31 years and has five adult children and one grandchild. She lives with her family in College Grove with a menagerie of rescue cats and her white German shepherd, Edelweiss. She believes that God is the Author of our stories and that we were meant to journey together through hope and heartache as our narratives unfold.


Betrayal Trauma
Sex Addiction
Childhood Sexual Abuse
Eating Disorders
Narcissistic Abuse


BS in Education, Corban University

MA in Clinical Mental Health Therapy, Liberty University

Training & Certifications

Pursuing licensure in the state of TN under the supervision of Phil Herndon, LPC-MHSP (#3009) Symbis Premarital Therapy Certification

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The Basics

I am originally from Oregon, where I spent my first 25 years before moving to Alabama for the next 25 years, with a few stints in Minnesota, Idaho, and West Tennessee. A little more than a year ago I moved to the Nashville area and have fallen in love with Tennessee.

3 1/2 year old White German Shepherd named Edelwiess, two 17 year old cats named Barney and Buddy, and a little tortoiseshell cat named Katniss

Compassionate, Courageous, Kind, Patient, Gentle

About Your Practice

I have always enjoyed sitting with others and listening to their stories. My own recovery journey through trauma created an even deeper desire to help others in their suffering as I had been helped. I found purpose and meaning for the wounds that I experienced through helping individuals and decided I wanted to broaden my expertise by joining the helping profession of counseling.

My therapist created a safe space to do the sacred work of suffering, holding lament and hope for me when I could not so that I could discover what it means to live fully. Mentors, who I meet with regularly to this day, who willingly encounter the whole spectrum of emotions with their minds and hearts and bodies and voices with me so we can live fully in this life. Professors and pastors who continuously pushed me to pursue the desire of my heart to help others and encouraged me in God’s gifting and calling on my life. Authors that have influenced my work are Dan Allender, Curt Thomson, Neff & McMinn, Irvin Yalom, Peter Scazzero, and Brene Brown.

The transformative essence of the Christian story is that God loves us so immensely that Jesus entered humanity to suffer with and for us. Jesus suffered so that when we experience the throes and pangs of life, we need not be in it alone. In moments of darkest pain, we have an eternal companion. I am called to be a vessel of love and compassion toward others in their pilgrimage to understand suffering and pain, no matter where they are spiritually.


My phone automatically links to my favorite podcasts. But when I need a brain break, I listen to Bethel Worship and occasionally some 70’s and 80’s music.

I don’t watch much tv but when I do it is usually a Hallmark movie or sports.

The Bible, specifically the book of James.

Anywhere in the mountains.

Just For Fun

I was a pollen extractor for Hollister Stier in Oregon (fancy title for picking daisy’s, poison oak, and poison ivy).

A picture of all my kids.

I love to cook! Today I’m making Lemon Chicken Piccata over angel hair pasta, caesar salad, homemade bread, and a blackberry cobbler for desert.

Hiking in the woods, reading, quilting, baking, and crafting with my grandson.

If I didn’t have children or grandchildren, I would pack up and move to Ireland!

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