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Mark Schmahl

Mark Schmahl, MA, MMFT


Mark is passionate about helping people live fully in their relationship with themselves, others, and God. He uses an evidence based approach to help couples, families, and individuals accomplish their goals and live the life they want to live. Mark seeks to meet the client where they are and use the therapeutic approach that best fits with their needs and goals. His therapeutic perspective has been shaped by the Spiritual Root System, Restoration Therapy, and Attachment Theory.

Mark works with couples, families, individuals, and adolescents. He seeks to create a safe and sacred space where clients can come to recover, heal, and grow. Relationships play an essential role in our lives and when they are strained, it can lead to difficulties in the home, at work, and in everyday life. His desire is to help restore these essential relationships to their fullest potential.

Mark has spent the past 14 years serving in full-time ministry. During this time he began to realize that in order to take care of others, he had to learn to take care of himself. This journey led him down his own path of recovery and into a better understanding of how to care for and be present with others.


Marriage Counseling
Men's Issues
Spiritual Issues


BS, Middle Tennessee State University

MA, Dallas Theological Seminary

MMFT, Lipscomb University

Training & Certifications

Level 1 Certification in Restoration Therapy

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The Basics

Omaha (somewhere in Middle America), NE

A Golden Doodle named Charlie.

Loyal, Perceptive, Empathetic, Humorous, Caring

About Your Practice

My first career was in full time ministry. There were many aspects of church work that I loved, but what I loved the most was being with people, and not just church people. I loved being with all kinds of people. As I began to do my own work in therapy I fell in love with it. I decided to go back to school and pursue a new career in Marriage and Family Therapy.

I have been influenced by many people along my journey. Men and women who chose to pour their lives into mine and help me navigate being a man, a husband, a father, and a friend. It is often times the most seemingly insignificant people placed in our lives along the way who have the greatest impact. The hope in this is that one life can literally change the world.

Humans were created to live in connection with God, themselves, and others. My faith plays out in every encounter I have with someone as they seek to grow in one or all of these connections. The beauty is, even if someone doesn’t consider themselves a person of faith, the same need for connection exists, so there is still a great amount of work to be done.


Scrubs, The Office, Parks and Recreation…Survivor. Yes, I know that is more than one show.

This question stressed me out.

I like to watch Football on TV, Baseball live, and I enjoy lifting weights and high intensity cardio…as long as it isn’t running.

Just For Fun

Digging ponds (water gardens) for my high school wresting coach.

Spending time with my family. Watching my kids do things they love to do. Exercise. Going to my Aunt’s house on the water with my entire family.

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