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Sara Beth Sheehan

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10 years ago, God graciously introduced Sara Beth to the world of recovery. Her marriage was in serious trouble and her life was spinning out of control. With the loving guidance of others that had gone through similar experiences, Sara Beth asked codependency and control to step aside and chose a life of freedom and living from her heart.

River Tree has been a lifeline for Sara Beth. Individual and couples counseling, a 3-year process group and training in the Spiritual Root System have given her the tools to live life with compassion and empathy. Sara Beth has developed a passion for relationship and supporting others as their stories unfold. As a guide, she offers experience and hope in areas that include marriage, parenting, anxiety and codependency.

Sara Beth has been married for 24 years. She and her husband have experienced many of life’s obstacles. They continue to choose recovery, both individually and in their marriage, as they live life on life’s terms. They have 2 children, ages 21 and 16, and that alone gives them opportunity for surrender and grace.




BS Human Environmental Sciences, University of Alabama

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My most special friend threw my name in the hat;). I have worked very hard at recovery and have been through a lot of the things that rock people’s world. For many years, I have asked God for a purpose in all of it. When Stephen asked me to write my recovery story for Hope, I thought maybe that was my purpose and God had answered my prayer. I let it go and knew God would do the rest. Lots of healing came through my writing and a reconciliation with my parents that I never thought possible. My heart longs to be with others in their story and to marvel at how God heals us through relationships.

Janina Tiner: introduced me to recovery, encouraged me to love my husband and hate the disease and was instrumental in my spiritual journey, introducing me to a different Jesus than I had never known.Stephen James: therapist that shepherded me through my past, taught me how to confront and feel my feelings.Phil Herndon: mentored me through my Spiritual Root System training, loved my husband and just freaking showed up! Melody Beattie: author of The Language of Letting Go, the first recovery book I ever bought and still read every day.Eve Sarrett: mentor and friend, YL exec, woman who chased my heart for 30 years and gave me the opportunity for a do over.

Recognition of and gratitude for the ways God shows up in our stories, relationships and healing.

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