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Shannon Johnson, MA, LPC-MHSP, NCC


Shannon has loved working with people in a therapeutic setting since 2008. She believes people were created for relationships—with others, self, and God.

She is intentional at creating a safe place for attachment with her clients and believes the therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance in counseling. Through listening to a client’s story of pain and heartache one is invited to begin naming what they feel and need. In this process, clients are guided to make meaning of painful experiences and begin to understand how these experiences have shaped the lens through which they see the world around them. Shannon is honored to journey this road less traveled with her clients and see them navigate through pain by unearthing, making meaning of, and beginning to live “wholehearted”.

Shannon is trained in EMDR, a therapeutic approach that uses eye movements to reprocess traumatic events so that the disturbing material is remembered and felt in a new and less distressing way. For more information on EMDR therapy, go to emdria.org.


Grief and Loss
Inner-Child Wounding
Women's Issues


MA Counseling, Regent University

Training & Certifications

National Board of Certified Counselors

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The Basics

Nashville, TN

Yes!! Titan is a boxer and Bentley is a golden.

Compassionate, Dreamer, Funny, Risk-taker, Intuitive

About Your Practice

Starting in 1997, I spent the next 5 summers either on a mission’s trip or working in the 9th ward of New Orleans. It’s here that God tugged at my heart to begin my own journey of healing. After this experience, I knew I wanted to work with young people who were hurting. I changed my major in college and decided to pursue a masters in counseling. My heart was forever changed after this experience.

I had a few professors in college and a mentor that really believed in me and spoke many words of life over me.

My faith is everything in my work. I truly believe in order to live to your fullest potential you must be in healthy relationship with yourself, others and Christ. Knowing who you are in Christ if foundational to fully living. Understanding who I am in Christ was a game changer for me both personally and professionally. This is a relationship that is always evolving.


Jack Johnson, Mumford and Sons, and Dave….I’m a little crunchy. LOL. I love me some Bethel and Elevation Worship too!

I don’t really watch TV….I know, I know. I honestly don’t think I have ever sat through an entire episode. If I did, it was probably “This is Us.”

I love Brene Brown. “Battlefield of the Mind” was monumental in helping me overcome a lot of lies that I was believing for so long. “The Dream Giver” was a good one too.

FOOTBALL!!! I’m a girl in the south!!! GO SEC!

Any place with water. The beach, lake, a river…or even a creek…I’m not picky.

Just For Fun

Mothers Day Out at my church.

My beautiful family. I have an incredible husband and 2 toddlers. Jack and Ivey are 17 months apart… so I basically never sit unless I’m driving.

My husband would probably grill something. I’d toss together a bagged salad and ask the guest to bring dessert. LOL. I’m learning to delegate.

I love hiking, bonfires and being outside. I enjoy cooking when I have the time.

Any place with really good restaurants, beaches and mountains…but not too far from family.

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