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November 4 8:30am-5pm
Cost $325

Do you find yourself saying yes when you want to say no? Are you being crushed by the weight of other people’s problems? Do you feel empty, exhausted, and frustrated from working to please other people? Why does it seem the more you try to control others, the more out of control your life becomes? 

Join us for A one-day group workshop to explore how to have freedom in your relationships. This workshop will use teaching, group discussions, and individual assessements, to give you a clear picture of your relationship patterns and better ways to care for yourself and those you love.

Facilitated by Colton Shannon and Jenay Kennedy

Jenay Kennedy


Jenay knows firsthand the pain and shame caused by an unmanageable life of anxiety and codependency. Her deep program of recovery has given her hope, helped her recover her heart and grow into a person with passion, courage and a voice. As a River Tree Guide, Jenay offers her experience, strength and hope through educational support groups and one on one coaching.She holds a BSN in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse. Twenty-five years of marriage and raising two teenage sons (one of whom has autism) has forced her to confront and grieve her own wounds, to live one day at a time and to learn the incredible value of authentic relationships and selfcare.

Colton Shannon


Colton’s mission in life is to call people back to their hearts and forward to an abundant life. Humans are made to know both their limitations and giftedness in relationships, yet many men and women are overwhelmed and disengaged from the relational side of life. In the clinical setting, Colton primarily sees men who struggle with compulsive/addictive behaviors, anxiety, codependency, burnout, or post-trauma symptoms. He also helps couples confront and heal from codependency issues. Colton personally knows the detrimental effects of chronic anxiety and codependency in relationships and continues seeking deeper recovery for these ailments.  

Colton holds a Ph.D. in clinical counseling and is licensed as a professional counselor

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Codependency Workshop
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